Aimi Hakune
Aimi fullbody
Third Party Singer
Physical attributes
Height 152.4 cm
Weight "Don't ask such foolish questions"
Gender female
Age 24
Character Information
Character Item a pair of dowsing-rods
Birthday October 15th
Sign Libra (pretends to be a Scorpio)
Personality Calm, quiet and standoffish.
Hobbies Communicating with spirits, reading tarot cards
Dislikes crows, lolicon, bugs, demons
Motto None


Aimi Hakune (拍音アイミ) is an Overseas made, NiaoNiao & UTAU character that was announced on July 5th, 2010, and officially released on October 15th, 2012. Over the years she has been updated and redesigned to improve her tone, expressiveness, and to make her easier to use. She is managed and voiced by Milk.


(Taken from her character bio, found on her website)

Aimi is very interested in the supernatural. If you ask her what she does for a living, she will say that she is a paranormal-investigator, when in reality she is jobless.

She is banned from entering many local cemeteries, and has been nearly arrested many times for trespassing abandoned buildings to try and communicate with spirits.

In her spare time, she reads books related to horoscopes. Her favorite sign is Scorpio, and tries very hard to emulate typical Scorpio personality traits. If someone asks her what her sign is, she will say Scorpio, when she is actually a Libra. If you ask her what day her birthday is on, she will lie and say October 30th, when it's actually the 15th.


At the moment, she has one Japanese Niaoniao voicebank available for download, with a planned Mandarin voicebank on the way.

Aimi is a soft, whisper-y voicebank that works well with songs that require the singer to sing low, soft and slow. Her recommended range is B2~G5.


Title Link Status
Aimi NiaoNiao VB test SoundCloud Official Demo
Aimi Hakune NiaoNiao VB Release SoundCloud Official Demo


Currently, all of Aimi Hakune's voicebanks can be downloaded from her official website, Hakunesource.

拍音アイミJP direct download link