Changge Yin (音长歌, Yīn Cánggē)

☀Yin Changge is a virtual singer made for NIAONiao and voiced by (Jill不说话). She is currently on 1.0 version.She can be downloaded here and can be heard here

Changge Yin
Yinchangge small
Physical attributes
Height 155 cm
Weight 35 kg
Gender Female
Age 13
Character Information
Character Item Kneesocks
Birthday 1st of June
Sign Gemini
Personality Not assertive (doesn't have her own views), likes to bow her head, thinks aloud
Hobbies Staring blankly, contemplating sky and ants
Dislikes Darkness, having grey fingernails/toenails
Motto "This... This... It cannot be !"