Makotone Dējī
Official Art
Physical attributes
Height 155 cm
Weight 48 kg
Gender Female
Age 16
Character Information
Character Item Lemon
Birthday TBA
Sign TBA
Personality デージー is very amiable and loves to help other people. She is boisterous but usually soft spoken. She is very socially oriented, although introverted, and enjoys spending time with her small group of friends. Sometimes she can be a little bit clumsy or dense, but most of the time she’s quite perceptive.
Hobbies Autumn, outdoor activities, perfumes, playing the violin
Dislikes Oversleeping, birds, loud noises, reaction Channels
Motto TBA
Makotone Deiji (誠音デージー) is a Chinese voice library for use in the vocal synthesizer NIAONiao. She has voicebanks usable in other languages for use in the vocal synthesizer UTAU by Ayame. Her author is Anna-Jacqueline.

Voice Library