Grey Rain
Huiyu body
Physical attributes
Height 180cm
Weight Unknown
Gender male
Age 20
Character Information
Character Item Unknown
Birthday February 22
Sign Pisces
Personality fun, friends are more concerned about, care about (someone else's) details
Hobbies Internet, death, bad computer repair
Dislikes People crowding the screen, having his tail pulled
Motto "I guess", "I think......" and "blew it then buy a new

Raindropx (灰雨, Grey Rain) is voiced by Rain/落雨. He is drawn by 雪鬣 .He has 2 voicebanks, Chinese v1.1 and Japanese v1.0. His chinese bank can be heard here and japanese can be heard here. His optimum range is from C3~C4. He will be updated to the 3.0 engine, as he can be heard singing Tong Hua Yu in the updated engine.


Chinese v1.1 click here
Japaese v1.0 click here