Jiyin Xiang
Jiyin body
Illustration by 再音さく
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Age 16 (Pretends to be)
Character Information
Character Item Mercury
Sign Libra
Personality Concise and slightly mysophobic (neat-freak)
Hobbies Sciences related to poisons

Xiang Jiyin (冀音·翊) is a Chinese and Japanese NIAONiao singer by TopB. He is one of the few NIAONiao voicebanks to have ability to sing in both Chinese and Japanese.

His recommended range is G2-G3 and his recommended genres are any.

Xiang's Chinese voicebank can be heard here (YT reprint) and downloaded here [1].

Xiang's Japanese voicebank can be heard here [2] and downloaded here [3] .

His voice is mature, middle-ranged and has mild strength.

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