• Judice in her Normal Attire
  • Judice in her "Sweet" Attire
Physical attributes
Height 163cm
Weight 40kg
Gender Female
Age 15
Character Information
Character Item Unknown
Birthday January 8th
Sign Capricorn
Personality quiet
Hobbies singing, make up, and painting
Dislikes Chatty Men
Motto Unknown

Judice/Judith (茱蒂丝,Judith) is voiced by lemon夹子, and can sing in Chinese and Japanese. She has a total of 4 voicebanks, Chinese 1.1, Japanese 1.0, a Chinese "Sweet" voicebank, and a Japanese "Sweet" voicebank. But her vocal range, and genre are currently unknown.


Chinese 1.1 can be downloaded:here
Japanese 1.0 can be downloaded: here
Chinese "Sweet" can be downloaded: here
Japanese "Sweet" can be downloaded: here


Chinese can be heard here
Japanese can be heard here
Chinese "Sweet" can be heard here
Japanese"Sweet" can be heard here

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