Full image of Neko-chan
Physical attributes
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Age 14
Character Information
Character Item school girl
Birthday 2016-05-29
Sign girly
Personality Nices and sweet
Hobbies go to school.
Dislikes bully
Motto "Hello"


Chan was developed by Yanshine Qx to be another troll niaoniao, in a similar fashion to Yanchan, who was released without a voice. However,Chan was unique in the fact that her voicebank was developed. She has successfully lured many into believing she was an actual niaoniao, leading the Niaonloid to success once again.

Because of her status as being made by Niaonloid, she was born with a degree of hatred already, being used to deceive people. However, because of her 'unoriginal design', and yandere personality (her obsession with Jiyin-Xiang and hatred of Dong Fang Zhi Zi has startled and angered fangirls, along with her similarity to many "poorly"-designed niaoniao fancharacters and she already has a large following among trolls for her amazing ability to make people immensely angry.


Chan is introduced as a yandere, someone who appears to be loving, but can get very violent for whatever reason; In her case, she'll be violent because of someone touching Jiyin-Xiang (her crush). She is always trying to kill Dong Fang Zhi Zi in order to take over the leading niaoniao/UTAU status. She despises the UTAU with a passion, and has an odd fetish for traffic lights. As for her normal traits, she likes baking a cake. Her anger leads to the deployment the Public.


Chan is a soft, whisper-y voice bank that works well with cute songs that require the singer to sing low, soft and cute. Her recommended range is C4~A2.


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