Qingge Shuiyaori
Illustration by MillyAqualine
Physical attributes
Height *170 cm
Gender Female
Age 20's
Character Information
Character Item Red peony and konghou (an old Chinese harp)
Personality Eccentric, awkward, cheerful, optimistic, a pranker, out-going
Hobbies Contemplating the moon, Wednesdays, any ancient things, traditional and manual arts, fasion, hanging around with Jinghua, dancing
Dislikes Not being able to stay human for a long time, bad puns around her name, conflicts between China and Japan
Qingge Shuiyaori (水曜日情歌,Qínggē Shuǐyàorì) is an UTAUloid and an upcoming virtual singer for NiaoNIAO through import. She's voiced by MillyAqualine and was created in 2012.

As soon as her concept happened, Qingge started as a contest entry to Vsinger's first Vocaloid contest (which then led to Luo Tianyi-Yayin Gongyu). Once the contest was over, she was turned into an UTAUloid and her voice was an attempt at imitating the sample heard when competition started. She is a mermaid, belonging to a species of white-tailed mermaids with blue streaks. Her appearance and vocals are thus, leading to an eccentric character and voicebank. She's built for Chinese language (Mandarin) and has extra samples enabling her to sing in other languages, such as French. Her surname is the old word for "Wednesday" (the one used nowadays in Chinese being 星期三, xīngqīsān), which is also a hint at her liking for old times things. Moreover, as it is used in Japanese (suiyoubi), it also gives a "bridge" feel between China and Japan. She has a device that enables her to dance, jump, walk whenever she cannot stay in human form. The device was inspired by Chinese spoons and the device Portal's heroine Chell Johnson owns and gets on ehr knees. The pearl, Moon and jade elements of her outfit are all comnig from Chinese and other Asian countries culture. The symbol seen on her top is a C-clef, a reference to her voice being middle-ranged, and also becuase once reverted, it looks like the number 3 (one of the creator's favourite numbers). Qingge received a demo sample of her UTAU bank on Chinese Year 2015, in a demoreel including a sample of Jinghua :

An early rough test of her import can be heard here [1] .