Metisune Riro
眼月音ヒーロ (Metsune Hiro)
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Age 21
Character Information
Character Item Dulce de leche with plum
Birthday 09th of November
Sign Libra
Personality Riro is a happy guy, but it hides his yandere side when manifests itself when someone gets too close to his boyfriend.
Hobbies Play your Nintendo 2DS with your boyfriend, swimming, read yaoi bara mangas
Dislikes Blood, someone gets too close to his boyfriend

Riro Metisune was the first brazilian UTAUloid into NIAONiao, first brazilian NIAONiao and first NIAONiao in the West. 


Riro is a homosexual NIAONiao/UTAU, his design is inspired in Daisuke Harada from the manga yaoi "Banana Jam DEEPER" series: 1: RELATIONSHIP, 2 : DREAM and 3: IMAGINATION by BlackMonkey Pro Riro loves his boyfriend Hiwatari Yoshiro and their friends Trevor Zio and Fabz.exe. He have a mascout a Pokémon Eevee


Because his voicer has abandoned the project, Metisune Riro has been discontinued on 2014

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