Xue Sasayakine
Illust. By Ryouichii
Physical attributes
Height 5ft 4inch
Weight  ?
Gender Male
Age 13
Character Information
Character Item Katana
Birthday May 8th
Sign Taurus
Personality Incredibly Shy, and avoids any social activities. When approached, he will defend himself with his Katana and will tell you to get away from him.
Hobbies Playing with snow, Singing, Sleeping and Drawing.
Dislikes Heat, Anything to do with being Social and UTAUloids (jealousy related hate).
Motto "... I forgot why i'm here for."

Sasayakine Xue (ささやき音雪) is a NIAONiao singer that mostly sings in Japanese, and will have a Chinese bank in the future. Xue will also have an UTAU bank soon. He is voiced by Ryouichii. His name, Xue Sasayakine, is a mix between Chinese (Xue) and Japanese (Sasayakine). Xue means Snow, and Sasayakine means Whisper Sound.

Voice Library

Xue's bank has not been finished, but it is in Development. His JP Bank is to be released first, as he is more oriented towards Japanese.


NIAONiao JP: In development

NIAONiao CHN: Not started

UTAU Banks: Private due to complications rendering files.


Xue is an artificial being, created by snow. He has no knowledge of normal people, and keeps himself shut away from them. He refrains from ever talking to anyone, or anything, but he talks to the snow thinking that it's alive. He sings to the snow sometimes and it makes Xue feel better about his existance.