Xuzi Shiyue (十月绪子, Shíyuè Xùzì) is a Chinese voicebank created by

☀十月鬼/OctGhost. She is currently on 1.5 version.

Xuzi Shiyue
Qiuruxu body
Physical attributes
Height 175cm
Gender Female
Age 20
Character Information
Character Item Crocodile-shaped pillow
Personality Will clearly express her ideas, playful at first sight when meeting people before being the strongest man, can be twisted
Hobbies Eating sweets, wood painting, English and sitting at home
Dislikes Mushrooms, numerous children when they're too energetic, darkness (she's afraid of the dark)
Xuzi's voice can be heard here [1] and here [2] . Her download page is here [3] .

Her voicerange is C4-C5 and she hasn't defined recommended genres. Xuzi has a childish, yet mature and airy, elegant voice.

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